The ultimate fight


I am about to begin the rest of my life.

Well, I have completed Radio and Television Broadcasting at Herzing Career College.The course was extremely easy and I am confused. Was it easy because I enjoy the field, or was the work load easy? I begin practicum on Monday with The Breeze and I am excited but intimidated. Do I have the tools to tackle this field? So many questions. The one thing i’m sure of is this industry motivates me unlike anything else I have attempted. Wish me luck my peeps.

Web Design

Web design is the last course before I go on practicum. I’m not sure if the class is as dull as it feels, or I am just anxious because I’m almost finished. This year has been interesting but awkward because I have been surrounded by young adults.

Keeping up with the competition

I have entered the dynamic world of radio and television broadcasting and I am excited. The talent is ferocious but so am I. Production is my expertise and I hope to share my art with you shortly. Do you like to laugh because I also am a wonderful story teller as well as a comedian. Life is very difficult these days and I am here to take the stress away and put that smile back where it belongs. Come check me out everyday for whats new.